Ancestors of Dover Ltd was formed in 1992, primarily as a firm of professional genealogists by Nicholas and Anne Humphery-Smith, co-founders in Canterbury, Kent. In 1999 the company moved to the famous sea town, Dover, immortalised by Vera Lynn in the war time song ''(There'll Be Bluebirds Over) The White Cliffs of Dover'', and the business changed its name to Ancestors of Dover. The company has worked designing and manufacturing products on the premises, with the help of dedicated outworkers, for names such as Harrods, Hamleys, English Heritage, Historic Royal Palaces, Historic Scotland, Cadw, and many other famous clients both large and small.

The business has moved on from owning a Chapel in Dover and is now located in a 11,000 sq ft factory in Folkestone, Kent, were we now concentrate on research, design, development and manufacture of services and products for the heritage industry.

Ancestors have been casting in fine English lead-free pewter since 1999 - No other metal is allowed on the premises so you can be assured of a product with no lead contamination. We cast all our own metal products such as miniature crowns, keyrings, miniature figures, rings, pendants, pencil toppers and vast majority of our jewellery, producing quality products. The company has a policy of continually investing in new designs and projects and is able, on its premises, to carry out the following processes using different pieces of equipment including: printing, doming, clear crystal lens, pad printing, enamelling, heat transfer for T-shirts and other fabrics, mugs, framing, gold and silver block printing, soldering, crystal stoning and laminating.

Customisation for clients is a big strength of the business, being able to offer most products with own label packaging and designs. Brands such as TimeLine, Crowns & Regalia, Heraldic Express, The Quill Store, Historic Image, Winter Reproductions, and most recently Hollywood Greats are mainly produced in our factory. A full list of the ranges can been seen by clicking here, or selecting Merchandise from the menu at the top of these pages.

If you are still interested in our family history side, please visit our Family History page.

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